You are needed!

To muster the courage to become an idea hero.

Will you say yes?

Galileo was an idea hero.
Martin Luther was an idea hero.
Martin Luther King jr. was an idea hero.

An idea hero knows ahead of time that most people will disagree with the idea, and musters the courage to see the idea through to physical form anyway.

Bathe in the fountain of liberty flowing around you with the self governance principles of the ALL.


The principle of cause and effect

When you share belief patterns with groups of people, you participate in the energy and physical events created by these groups.
Sacred Truth: ALL is one

Element/process: Water
Season/process : Winter

The principles of mentalism and gender

Learning to speak/interact consciously, relationally with each other, and understanding that our words create our reality. Everything in this world, has the female gender and the male gender. Sacred Truth: Honor one another

The element/process: Wood
The season/process: Spring


The Lost principle

When you tune into your worthiness, self -esteem, you CARE enough to participate in Co-Creation/evolution. Sacred Truth: Honor yourself

The element/process: Water, earth and fire
The season/process: Winter, summer, late summer, fall & winter

The principles of vibration & rhythm

Everything is vibration and experiences rhythm. All vibrations & rhythms emanate from Source, The Tao, God, and these vibrations are LOVE. Your heart is designed to express the vibrations of love, beauty, compassion and forgiveness. Sacred Truth: Love is divine power

The element/process: Water, earth and fire
The season/process: Winter, summer, late summer, fall & winter


The principles of cause, effect & vibration

Every thought you think, every feeling that you feel, every word you speak is an act of power that has biological, environmental, social, personal and global consequences. This is the Sacred Truth.

Process/element: wood, fire, metal, earth and water
Process/season: summer, winter, autumn, spring

The principle of correspondence

The same principle governs always everything, everywhere, in the same way, from the greatest star down to the smallest electron. Sacred Truth: Seek only the truth


The principles of vibration, rhythm and mentalism

This is the entry point of vibration and rhythm into your human body. Sacred Truth: Live in the present moment, the eternal NOW.

The principle of polarity

You are a wave in the great ocean of the Tao/the void, rising as a form and falling back into the formless.
This chakra is your God energy. Sacred Truth: All is one

The process/element: water
The process/season: winter

8th law

The Titanic has broken and is sinking, how are you going to navigate the dark icy void?

your journey starts right here, right now!


Inspiring wisdom from our Sacred Warriors and Earth Trustees

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