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What is a personal legend?

It is simply, what you always wanted to do from the time you were very young and wide open to dreaming! Everyone knows their personal legend when they are young, but it becomes distorted by society, p...

let’s talk about Narcissus!

We’ve all heard the story of Narcissus, a youth who knelt beside a lake daily to contemplate his own beauty, and was so fascinated with himself that he fell into the lake and drowned. This story...

Tune into your new body in 11 days

Step out of linear, calendar clock time, and tune into your fresh body of cyclic harmonious order, while learning how to stay tuned in and participating in Sacred Warrior ranch village life.

Reclaim your health in 11 days

For you who are brave and courageous enough to commit yourself 100%, we invite you to step out of linear, calendar clock time and step into sacred time at one of our Sacred Ranch villages and spend