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About… Climate Change

A touchy subject for sure, but one that is either ignored, or totally misunderstood. The current buzz, cliche’ is to be sustainable.. to be 1% for the earth. What does sustainability mean to you?

What does sustainability mean to us at OWL Trustee Hub? We start with asking “what is it we want to sustain?” In walking the path of “sustainability”, and I am using that term lightly.. we are NOT attempting to sustain.. what is no longer working. We are everyday listening to our partner Earth, and what it is she is evolving to. And that is what we are “sustaining”.

Fellow earth citizens, the simple fact is, we are going through a change of time, epochs, and so everything is changing, including the climate. HOW is it changing? that is up to us, to work in partnership with our living, breathing, planet to navigate and evolve through climate change in the least cataclysmic way possible.

To do this, we must unlearn what it is we have worked so hard all of our lives to learn. We start by honoring everything we have learned, knowing that if we remain full of that, there is no empty space for fresh learning. Honor what has been learned, let go of that, and become an empty vessel, so fresh being and knowing can rush in, and now our actions arise from a place of enlightenment.

Lets gather together for hands on learning, not just talking, but first being.. and then doing.

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Written by Ingrid
Hi! I was born into a new american citizen family! I was in utero when my mom and dad became US Citizens. They both grew up in Germany, both my grandfathers were WWII Veterans on the German side of the conflict. First generation American, the youngest of 4 daughters, I was the first to go to college. I graduated from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center with my BS in Nursing, and went off to OIS for the US Navy Nurse Corps. A few years later I was in the Army Nurse Corps, and was in the Nurse Anesthesia program, I didn't finish my MSN.. now I'm in the Master's/PhD program in Integrative Medicine through Quantum University, and also working on my MBA in Sustainable Business through Maharishi International University. I live on my forest ranch in Oklahoma, everything is all natural chemical free, no hormones, no antibiotics.. and the CEO of OWL Warrior Hub!