OWL Living Self Governance Process Universitas

The Key Criteria of a living system:
1. Pattern of organization-configuration of relationships
2. Structure-physical embodiment of the patterns
3. Life Process-the activity involved in continuing embodiment

The web of life you are part of consists of networks within networks. In nature, there is no above nor below, and there are no hierarchies. There are only networks nesting within other networks.

Your ancestors all lived in a world that they knew of as organic, living and spirit filled.

You have been programmed now for hundreds of years to live as a debt slave in a machine world that is dead, based on isolated building blocks that exist only for themselves and only for each other.

In a living system the parts also  exist by means of each other, in the sense of producing one another. Each part reciprocally produces the other. Because of this a living system is both organized and self-organizing.

We believe this template of wholeness – living systems that are integrated wholes whose properties cannot be reduced to those of smaller parts, is the ONLY way for us humans to save ourselves from extinction.

At Owl Living System Universitas we understand that science is limited and approximate, and that all we know is inaccurate  and incomplete,

so we are focused on unlearning our programmed mechanistic, white male addictive system

to discover more complete, more accurate wisdom about the infinite web of interconnected patterns that we live in and are an essential part of.

Why do we say true wholeness when there are so many holistic practitioners out there?

The vast majority of all holistic practitioners, spiritual leaders/gurus still operate under the hypothesis of “you’ve got a lineage to learn, and live by”.  To us this is the same as being a Seventh-Day Adventist, vs Catholic vs Southern Baptist.

When you take on only one path, your blinders of that lineage/path/religion then box you into narrow, steep walled canyons.

We weave together a rich tapestry from many varied ancient teachings to give you a true WHOLE picture.

What kind of lab equipment do we have?


Your body is the lab, our land is the lab. As we experiment, we watch the changes happen.

We also live in a state of well being. We’ve shifted from a mindset of feeling pain and thinking something is wrong, so a visit to an MD is necessary.

To a mindset of “my natural state is wellness” so we don’t need dentists to tell us our teeth are healthy, we can look in the mirror and see that, and thank our teeth for being healthy.

To a mindset of “oh, I feel pain, something is out of balance” so we find what is out of balance, work on bringing ourselves into balance again, and wellness is restored.

Why do we call the “levels” initiations, and how long are they?

An initiating experience is one that demands a breakthrough, demands that we find a way to think differently about something, to position yourself so that you grow into an expanded state of consciousness as a result of what you are going through, experiencing.

When you come to OWL  Living System Universitas with a “class” of initiates you will find yourselves in an experience that’s very different from anything you’d expect. Rather than simply being at the edge of your comfort zone, with our encouragement you’ll find yourself beyond the edge in a way that is very empowering, and surprising because its so unexpected!

Each initiation level is 104 days long.  It takes 90 days to create a new habit, to open the walls of your learned habits, so at 104 days you’re practiced in the new ways, and are now ready to live it, by teaching it and guiding other initiates beyond their edge!

What is a Magus?

The Magus is the woman or man, who in seeking Unity with their true selves, as birthed from the Tao, now, understands that he or she is living life aligned with the will of heaven, so her/his will is heaven’s will.  In one of the Bible myths, the Magi orchestrated with the powers of heaven to find the baby Jesus, and then when Jesus was a man, he showed his Magus “powers” when he walked on water, when a blind man came to him for healing, he said “I will- be thou healed”.. so when you know you are in alignment with heaven, you can say “I call on my inner world to know this is my will and desire”, and your outer world will then reflect- that’s what a Magus does.


What is a flood channeler?

In an ancient Chinese myth, a man named Gun was enlisted to control the flooding. He set about building dams he out of magic earth that he stole, but the dams collapsed again and again, and he just kept rebuilding them. Dams were his only tool.   Because he failed, his body was composted into a sea turtle.  His son Yu was given the same task. Yu worked for 13 years, making ditches, tunnels through mountains so the flood waters could be channeled out to the sea. He also became intimately familiar with the people, places and animals he met , and when ever he came to a mountain, or swamp, or river he would summon its spirit-being a Magus to orchestrate, and gain wisdom about all living beings and how to better channel the flood, so he was successful!


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