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What OWL Freedom nation is

OWL Freedom Nation is our ancient future of harmonizing the duality and separation of heaven and earth into a state of primal unity again. The ancient wisdom of spiritual nature-based subsistence economies is the best old map to bring forward in unfolding with mother earth & father sky. OWL Freedom nation is doing and being  a living network of spiritual, nature based villages & wellness labs filled with living men and women, girls & boys, uniting heaven and earth in themselves living with mother earth and making the profit of a good life derived from her and her living resources.

We believe that this is the only way our human species will survive the incoming flood. The mission of this incoming flood is to  strongly urge &guide us in returning home to our original nature and to fulfill heaven’s promise of an eternity filled with new beginnings. .

Heaven can’t compel performance. That is where your and my free will comes in.

There is no savior coming

There is no external person or government coming to make our lives better. This is up to each one of us saying YES to fulfilling our destiny/legend agreement that we made with  heaven to be  bestowed on us with our first breath.


just say YES!

Each individual living man, woman, girl and boy that says YES, and starts the journey, will not be destroyed by the incoming flood, but rather at this critical turning point is given the opportunity to fulfill their destiny/legend and become an idea hero of starting again, with the ancient future map of living in harmony with  the guiding principles of the cosmic womb.