Owl Freedom Nation Logo

What OWL Freedom nation is

OWL Freedom Nation is our  fresh model yet ancient model of living in a spirit full Ayni- reciprocity state of being. . The ancient wisdom of spirit filled  nature-based Ayni cultures   is the best old map to bring forward in unfolding with mother earth & father sky. We at OWL Freedom nation are opening the way for  our liberation through Quantum Speciation event with OWL Freedom nation’s Universitas where you can come join in creating, constituting, governing, sustaining and containing the flow of abundant beauty, true wholeness, true freedom, loving relationships, and ayni culture.

We know, and believe you do also, that the old world order of centralized control worshipping the money god and disease god is breaking down..

We are not fighting the existing reality or trying to heal it, fix it. We are simply building a new model that is making the old crumbling model obsolete.

There is no savior coming

There is no external person or government coming to make our lives better. This is up to each one of us saying YES to fulfilling our destiny/legend agreement that we made with  heaven to be  bestowed on us with our first breath.


just say YES!

Each of you that chooses to join us, either as  a student/participator in our OWL Universitas or as a “employee” will see on arrival, the power of two women who  said yes, to the call of our legend/destiny, and did so without the “safety net” of money.

You will also see the power of one woman who has said “enough, things have to change NOW, and I must do something different or I will life my fate and die without seeing this path open up.”

And you will experience the power of “nailing your 95 thesis to the door of the cathedral” as Martin Luther did, to totally change the course of humanity. As you join us in opening the channels for a flood of abundant beauty, true freedom, true wholeness, loving ayni relationships and prosperity for all of us.