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We Renounce

  1. We renounce the dead earth mechanistic hologram governing us
  2.  We Claim the living hologram of the Divine Matrix as our governance template for all
  3.  We renounce the God of money and the concept of monetization
  4.  We claim our inherent ability to live a good thriving life derived from mother earth’s riches for all of us
  5.  We renounce the God of disease
  6. We claim our inherent  state of well being for all
  7.  We renounce the practice of buying and selling land- enclosing it
  8. We claim  mother earth, our planet is the commonwealth of all of us
  9. We renounce the practice of human farming- selling ourselves for hourly pay to “make a living”
  10. We claim our inherent rights and ability to live a thriving life with all our needs met through ayni culture living
  11.  We renounce the practice of mineral and water rights
  12. We claim our commonwealth in full to be passed on to the next 7 generations.