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Our heritage

We started this journey to “something different” in Eastern Washington state, on 2 acres with a 150-year-old farmhouse.

We knew we needed a bigger place, and having just claimed bankruptcy due to her PTSD, the only farm loan Ingrid Huffman would qualify for was through the Farm Service Agency (FSA).  December 4, 2014, we loaded our 16-foot budget truck, and the following morning loaded the donkeys and goats into the livestock trailer, put the ducks in their “home” in the bed of our pick-up, and headed towards Oklahoma.  Every time we stopped for gas, or a break, the ducks were talking very loudly, and people would look at us weird, or ask questions!

We made it through the mountains of Montana fine, got to Belgrade that first night, where we stopped at a rest area and slept in the trucks (Ingrid was financing this move on her VA disability income). The next morning, with at least 1 foot of snow on the ground, we started up the trucks, only the Chevy Silverado wouldn’t start!  Calling for a tow truck, revealed the need for two: one for the livestock trailer, and one for the Silverado.  We were so blessed to have a sunny day in Belgrade Montana, December 6, 2014 while we sat at the local dealership waiting to have the truck fixed!  Of course, many questions about the quacking ducks in the truck flew our way!

We spent a month in northern Colorado waiting for our place in Oklahoma to open up.  January 3, 2015 we once again loaded the 16-foot Budget truck, the donkeys, goats and ducks, and headed for Oklahoma! We were blessed to live in a very run-down house on land we thought would start the farm. We had no money to fill the propane tank, plus it leaked; we could afford to drive the 15 miles to McAlester once a month, and we made the best of it. That winter, we spent wrapped in blankets to stay warm, watching movies on our little 13-inch TV on the days we couldn’t be outside.

May 2015 happened to be a very rainy month, showing us that the property was in the floodplain, and wouldn’t be a wise investment, so the search for BWD Ranch started again. August of 2015, we attended the Chamber of Commerce Banquet, showcasing BWD Ranch, without a ranch!

November 20, 2015, we moved into our ranch. BWD Ranch.

April 2016, we hosted a TV crew from The Netherlands (Holland), and just before the November elections, we made our international debut!

We have hosted many iterations of the programs since then with Veterans experiencing success. We evolved from a non-profit, to a Co-operative that is leading the way in being agents of Co-creation of OUR more beautiful sustainable world and being the 1 & only solution for PTSD!