BWD Ranch interactive commonwealth village

This is our current location for Owl Citizen clinics and OWL Sacred warrior training. Watch for expansion to other locations soon!

We are converting cattle raising land into perennial agricultural ecosystem: a food forest. We are mimicking the oak biome, and when you attend school here, or come for events, you have the opportunity to be part of this conversion, then go home and do it in your back yard, and be part of our tribe!

We intend to be powered by alternative energy, fuels and our own water system with in the next few months.


Jan 5, 2015 arrival in Haileyville Oklahoma.

We had no furniture, just our clothes, mattresses, cooking utensils, books (of course!) a small tv, dvd’s and our animals. The house was in sorry shape. our resources were a pole barn to house the animals, and a dog house for the ducks.

We also discovered the resource of the old haybales that fed the goats and donkeys, and then became mulching material

Our harvest that summer!

This place was in the 100 year floodplain as we found out, so we were looking for a new place while waiting for the FSA to work on our loan. We were part of the Mcalester Chamber of Commerce, and in August of 2015 were at the Chamber’s annual banquet showcasing our farm, with no actual location!

November 20, 2015

We signed the paperwork for our current location in Indianola.

December 2015

We had an email from a Dutch TV producer wanting to showcase us on a documentary they were making. We were NOT doing any marketing, just had a website with no presence.

We rapidly expanded from just goats, ducks and donkeys to pigs, cattle, horses and bees.


We also purchased a 1967 Ford tractor, plow and disc, and started plowing. Our first Veterans for healing were also present.

April 2016

the dutch TV crew was here!

Watch their production!

Our tractor broke in early 2016, so we have been farming without a tractor since. It’s been quite discouraging at times, but we have kept plugging along.

Since 2016, we have experienced many days of financial-fake money lack, but every time we needed something-like feed for the livestock, it came our way.

Spring 2020

We were blessed with the resources of 7 huge truckloads of woodchips, that we moved by wheelbarrow to create zone 1. It’s been a real break through since then!

Spring 2020

Summer 2021

We’re now starting a recycling program, working with wine bottles and empty milk jugs to build ecobricks with.

Meanwhile our food forests and food sovereignty projects continue!