The Principle of Cause and Effect

The First Chakra
Sacred Truth: ALL is ONE

The process/element: water
The process/season: winter

Sovereign Salmon economics/ecology
Ayni (reciprocity)

Whenever you have started a cause, you are powerless over its effects. Effects can never be changed.

Every time you start something, whether it's with thoughts, words or actions, you create a cause that will someday materialize in a corresponding effect.

to live with this principle successfully is to live in the ever present now, and always do your best to start Sacred causes NOW.

Tribal power is the energy of the 1st chakra

To be part of a tribe is a primal need, since you  are dependent on the tribe for your  basic survival needs.

As a tribal being you are energetically designed to live together, create together, learn together, and BE together in the ever present NOW, in Ayni.

The power of “unified” beliefs is so strong, it’s a challenge to be at odds with the tribe. You are taught to make choices for tribal approval/validation, to adopt it’s social graces, dress styles and attitudes. You were domesticated and civilized with the tribal programming. You are now living someone else’s life through the tribal programming.

Evaluating your beliefs and discovering your True Self  is a biological, mental and spiritual necessity to usher in 1000 years of True freedom, peace and prosperity for all.

If you choose not to evaluate the belief systems programmed into you by the tribe in the first 7 years of your life, you are probably finding yourself stuck in between two worlds. The old one you don’t really want to be part of, and the new one you are afraid to enter.

The process/movement of water is inwards.

Water always appears in the form of its container.

It’s inward movement is most easily observed in nature as the season/process of winter.

“When intent becomes permanent we speak of Will” the ancient Chinese classic-Nei Jing

True will is the pilot light that ignites the flame of all processes and derives its mandate from the Tao/heaven.

Sovereign Salmon Economics

When you learn about the economy of the Salmon’s life cycle, and their homeward journey, you discover a way to let go of the obsolete, dangerous,  centralized slave economic model for a new Sovereign reciprocity model that is part of ushering in the 1000 years of True freedom, peace and prosperity for all.

The first chakra’s tribal power that is our yearning for home, place and community  and is symbolic of the salmon’s journey home.

Will you answer the call of the Salmon and participate in co-creating the Sovereign reciprocity economic model?