The principles of Mentalism & Gender
The Second Chakra
The Sacred Truth: Honor one another (each other)

Sovereign Wolf Learning/education

The process/element: wood
The process/season: spring

Everything in this world has two genders.

The female gender that is the subconscious mind and your right brain, left side of your body.

The male gender that is your self-consciousness, left brain, analytical, logic and right side of your body.

The process/movement of wood is upwards.

This movement is most easily observed in the spring.

The ALL is mind, the Universe is mental. (the Kybalion)

The ALL/The TAO/The Great Principle is the substantial reality that is the foundation of all the 3D manifestations which we see as the material universe. All that we see is Spirit/The ALL/God , and really is unknowable, undefineable, and is THE Universal infinite living mind from which all our thoughts emanate.

Your second chakra is your Partnership chakra.

With this chakra your energy shifts from obeying tribal authority only to form relationships with others. Part of this relational thinking needs to also include ALL of life, our 4 legged, furred relatives, the standing people (trees) the rock people, the feathered, winged fliers, the creepy crawlers, the finned, swimmers, the plant people, and the Garden we inhabit. We are meant to be in relationship with all.

You can see the symbolic value of your relationships when you release the compulsion to judge who and what has value, and what you can get from the relationship. Focusing on honoring each other is part of ushering in peace.

Sovereign Wolf learning (education)

All space is Sacred. Every inch of our mother earth has a energized connection to all the living creatures, and is therefore to be honored.

The wolf is the ultimate teacher, the pathfinder, has an enormous sense of family as well as strong individualism.

Sovereign Wolf learning/education is not dictated by some centralized force but is a circular system, forming spirals around all aspects of our son’s, daughter’s and each other’s beings- spiritual, individual, familial, communal, global and universal.

This system of learning guides us through the phases of our lives with purpose and meaning, for our full potential to develop.