The Principle of Correspondence

The 6th Chakra
Sacred Truth: Seek only the truth

The principle of Correspondence, 6th Chakra.... and Sovereign black panther energy!

Have you ever wondered where the electricity you use comes from, how it was made, and the impact it has not just today but on your future generations?

Earth, water, air and light are organisms and between them are the organs of the most diverse nature in a constant state of readiness to act, to give us all the electricity we could ever need.

Nikola Tesla claimed the invention of an electrical generator that would not consume any fuel, and it would not have an external prime mover such as steam or running water.

Energy is also a common wealth, and believe that local energy generation and distribution are part of a self-governed, interactive commonwealth village.

We believe that you do not need a Phd to be “as smart as Nikola Tesla, or Albert Einstein”, to discover how to generate electricity/energy without being leaving toxic waste for mother earth to recycle.

Albert Einstein infact, when asked how to be smarter than he was replied “read fairy tales”.
We believe it simply takes being open, and willing to engage one’s imagination.