The Principles of Cause & Effect
and Vibration

The 5th Chakra
Sovereign Rabbit feasts ( no, we don't feast on the sovereign rabbit!)

When ever you have started a cause with your thoughts, words or actions, you are powerless over it's effects. The effects can never be changed. You CAN start choosing what causes you start!

Everything is Vibration

Vibration, Cause & Effect .... AND Sovereign Rabbit feasts

The 5th Chakra is related to the law of vibration because words that we speak are vibration, we hear the words of others, and the sounds of nature with our ears, and those sounds are also vibration.

It is also related to the law of cause & effect, because what causes we speak, creates the effect.

The power of your 5th chakra is that of will power.

So wait.. shouldn’t it be related to the lost law?

It could be.

Every Choice we make, every thought and feeling we experience is an act of power that has biological, environmental, social, personal, and global consequences.

The essence of the 5th chakra is faith

inspiration coming!

inspiration coming!