Study, learn, unlearn and live our ancient future paradigm of true freedom, peace and prosperity for all.

Your training phases

Phase 1. Freedom Warrior/Hero/Intern process;

You will discover your courage when you face the lies and slavery you’ve been programmed with and governed by.

You will discover your power of fearlessness as you dissolve your slave status, become a free living woman/man, and start writing your own story.

You will discover the fountains of true freedom, peace and prosperity that flow all around you as you start living in your process guided by natural creation principles, time and the processes of mother earth.

The  Freedom Warrior/Hero/Intern initiation 

  1. The process of becoming a free woman or man.
  2. The process and science of Natural law principles and time.
  3. The process and science of YOU
  4. Exploring your contract with the All
  5. The way of the hero/warrior

Shaman/Alchemist Freedom Village Resident

you moved out of your comfort zone with Phase 1-the warrior/hero/intern

and now-

You unflinchingly walk up to the gates of your own hell, step into hell and transform the lead of trauma/dis-ease  into the gold of living your personal process legend/contract as a Whole, Wealthy living woman or man.

  1. The Pillars of Self Governed villages
  2. Contract Exploration continued
  3. The process and science of you continued
  4. choosing and creating your vocational part in the Freedom Organizing Center or Village

The Sage/Seer/Mystic Freedom Village Resident

You’ve actively participated in healing your wounds and now

Walks softly in the Garden, perceives only beauty and continues the practice of engaging with the Garden to take care each other, and our descendants

The Freedom Magus

Is thriving in true freedom, bathing in the luxurious fountains of liberty and the Quantum foam of time- being charitable so that all may live and bathe in true freedom with the Quantum foam of time.


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