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Greetings! Fellow Earth school humans!

Today I issue a call for the real warriors to stand up. The real warriors for the future of humanity. Now more than ever, your heart, your presence, your power is needed to ancestor your next 7 generations!

The Warriors for the future of humanity are the ones who take a stand for peace- they speak and stand for those who cannot do so for themselves. They are the ones who do whatever it takes to BE integrity, harmony, peace & love for our world.

They are the ones who are global citizens, living in oneness, wholeness, harmony with life. They are the ones who have chosen not to be absent, (how do we absent, numb out? recreational drugs, alcohol, apathy?)

They open to being fully present. They serve as a candle in the darkness, telling an ancient story of the goodness, generosity and creativity of humanity.

You will know these warriors by their confident humility, their fierce, passionate composure, and their open hearts full of grace and compassion. You can identify them by their positivity and cheerfulness.

When asked how they do it, they will tell you about the discipline, the dedication, the adventure, the opening, and the tribe that is with them through all the ups and downs.

The Warrior archetype is an ancient, primordial energy pattern that is in our psyche and society. It’s natural, innate and deep with in our energetic architecture. It’s a source of extraordinary energy and passion. With rare exception, warriors have been a part of every culture we know. It’s core values are protection and the preservation of community, honor, integrity, courage, discipline, inspiration, trust and clarity.

It offers belonging to a tribe. Whether we recognize this archetypal energy or not, it will awaken and find a means of expression in and through us.

Warrior-hood is a pathway through life with a set of values and behaviors that must be fulfilled and guided by a code of conduct.

Warriorhood is a state of mind, heart and spirit matched with practical and physical arts that include wisdom gained from the daily journey of being in harmony with all of life. These arts are used to serve and preserve life.

In the military, warrior are also taught how to kill. But when we came home, we were never absolved of the guilt of taking another human’s life.

We can find this absolution, atonement through retiring the warrior who was trained to kill, and raising the Warrior for the future of humanity.

As Chief Sitting Bull said “The Warrior is not someone who fights, because no one has the right to take another life. The Warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others. His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenseless, those who cannot provide for themselves, and above all, the children, the future of humanity. “

For us at OWL Warrior Hub, we add “and above all, stewardship of our partner earth, who longs to be our mentor in flowing through climate change with her.”

I am another you, I am because you are


Blue Heron Warrior

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Written by Ingrid
Hi! I was born into a new american citizen family! I was in utero when my mom and dad became US Citizens. They both grew up in Germany, both my grandfathers were WWII Veterans on the German side of the conflict. First generation American, the youngest of 4 daughters, I was the first to go to college. I graduated from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center with my BS in Nursing, and went off to OIS for the US Navy Nurse Corps. A few years later I was in the Army Nurse Corps, and was in the Nurse Anesthesia program, I didn't finish my MSN.. now I'm in the Master's/PhD program in Integrative Medicine through Quantum University, and also working on my MBA in Sustainable Business through Maharishi International University. I live on my forest ranch in Oklahoma, everything is all natural chemical free, no hormones, no antibiotics.. and the CEO of OWL Warrior Hub!