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Happy Equinox!

As we earth humans spin in space, the sun in its journey reaches 0 degrees, on the celestial equator. Astronomers have developed a lattitude/longitude system in the sky, to help us understand the Universal truth of “as above so below”. At the Vernal equinox, the sun rises at 0 degrees, 0 hours in the constellation of Pisces. It orbits, through the constellations in a easterly direction. The degrees go north and south. When the summer solstice arrives, the sun is at 6 hours +24 degrees. On September 20, 2020, the sun was at 11 hours 51 minutes, 0 degrees 53′. As of today, the sun is at 12 hours, 9 minutes, -1 degrees 1′.. meaning the balance of light and dark has passed, and the darkness will now overtake the light.

We earthlings have been led to believe for centuries.. aeons that the equinoxes and solstices are only 24 hours.. 1 day. This autumnal equinox actually lasted for 5 days!

As we at OWL Trustee Hub are watching the sky and living in harmony with the cosmic cycles that are also earth cycles, watch for our festival happenings that celebrate each rhythm transition.

We have left the rhythm of summer, and are now in the rhythm of Autumn, the time of the harvest. The realm of abundance.

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Written by Ingrid
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