The Process of Oneness/Unity

Everything is interconnected. Everything emanates from a vast sea of potentiality, the vast sea of the God process, the source of life, the swirling vortex of the Tao.

is rooted in the Divine virtue of compassion

the Mystical/Magus truth
What is in one, is in all

This vast sea of potentiality gives birth to the two, heaven and earth, the positive (active, creative) and negative (quiescent, receptive) poles of your Universe.

The qualities of these two poles are perfectly blended in an empty whirling vortex -the tree of life revolving between heaven and earth.

to live with this principle successfully is to live in the ever present now, and always do your best to start Sacred causes NOW.

These three exist an a state of ordered chaos, a paradise condition that continually separates and returns to the harmony of absolute unity

You are affected by the energy of the universe and as an individual who is part of the universe – your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions have an effect on everything else 

Everything is connected – everything. You are connected with other people, with the earth, with the solar system and with All That Is. Everything you think, say, do, and believe affects the whole – it affects everyone and everything because everything in this universe shares a connection with everything else.

Some humans would call this the law of Mentalism – with it’s precept being that all is one mind

In the beginning was the thought, that lead to the words of creation.

Thoughts create your state of existence, and the quality of your life here on your earth.

Be responsible for everything you create by being aware of what you think and then say.