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Let’s talk about Chiron!

Chiron, an asteroid you will find in your natal chart is annotated with the k on top of a circle. This glyph can be seen as a key, a key that opens a door.

What is his significance?

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a Centaur, half horse, half human and was despised by his mother, abandoned by his mother.. forcing him to heal his own darkness. Chiron was later adopted and educated by Apollo and Artemis and he became a philosopher and healer of renown.

He was shot by Heracles with a poison tipped arrow, and the myth then goes on to tell us that despite the fact that he healed his darkness early on, now he could no longer heal himself.

So we have taken this myth and used it, to spend years in therapy, marinate in our wounds, and believe that once we are given a diagnosis of dis-ease.. we are now bound by that, with no way to heal.

The truth is, we can change that myth, and Chiron himself is calling us to change that myth. We CAN heal, and live beyond our wounds and disease.

Since I started watching the sky, Chiron has been sitting (and it looks like he is sitting because his orbit is 50 years long!) at 00 hour.. aka 2400 hours on the east to west axis.

The 24th DNA switch is all about addictions. When operating in the darkness, we are operating in addiction mode. Addiction doesn’t mean just alcohol, or substances, it can be anything we “can’t live without”. We humans are born programmed for addiction, and the culprit here is our minds!

With Chiron sitting at this hour since May 2020 .. and before he has been handing us the key out of our wounding.. turning on the switch to bring us into the “black hole” of our silence where we no longer think, but are thought by life. Out of this silence we can truly be original inventors.

Since May 2020, Chiron has been moving backwards, and on the north/south axis he was at +5 degrees, and slowly moving south.

On December 8, Chiron at 2400 hours, now stepped on the 12 minute switch. The 12th DNA switch fellow earth citizens, is a stop switch.. which means that on December 8, the energy of Chiron has been.. “Stop your addictions, come out of your vanity (the shadow of the 12th switch) into your silence and purity.

On December 11, his next adjustment was to 2400 hours, 12 minutes and 56 seconds. The 56th switch, is ANOTHER STOP switch!

The message/energy of this double stop? Come out of your addictions, vanity AND distractions.. just stop .. so you can allow the switches to be turned on to Silence-original invention, Purity-discernment and Intoxication with life itself!

Fellow earth citizens, he stayed here at this energy from the 8th of December till the 17th, when he started moving forward again, by the second.

He is currently at 2400 hours 12 minutes (still the STOP message) and 59 seconds!

Tomorrow, he will move forward to 13 minutes, giving us the key to start new!

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Written by Ingrid
Hi! I was born into a new american citizen family! I was in utero when my mom and dad became US Citizens. They both grew up in Germany, both my grandfathers were WWII Veterans on the German side of the conflict. First generation American, the youngest of 4 daughters, I was the first to go to college. I graduated from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center with my BS in Nursing, and went off to OIS for the US Navy Nurse Corps. A few years later I was in the Army Nurse Corps, and was in the Nurse Anesthesia program, I didn't finish my MSN.. now I'm in the Master's/PhD program in Integrative Medicine through Quantum University, and also working on my MBA in Sustainable Business through Maharishi International University. I live on my forest ranch in Oklahoma, everything is all natural chemical free, no hormones, no antibiotics.. and the CEO of OWL Warrior Hub!