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Lets talk about time!

What is time?

We’ve all hear the phrase “time heals all wounds”, but that doesn’t tell us what time is.

We could say time past is a memory and time future is a dream, so the only real time is here and now.

If there is only here and now, is there time?

Time is Great Spirit’s way of keeping everything we think we want from happening all at one. It’s also Spirit’s tool to fulfill a grander evolutionary plan.

Time is like a river, and as you can’t step into the same physical river twice, you can’t step into the same river of time twice.

Natural time is given to us by the rotation of our mother earth on her axis as she swims around grandfather sun in the cosmic celestial ocean.

Did you know there is artificial time?

If you are an urban dweller, or like the vast majority of our human species, your time is not governed by the sun, moon and stars, it is governed by a calendar and a clock. As long as you know what day of the week it is, and what time it is, you don’t really need to know when the sun sets or rises or what phase the moon is in.

Try to imagine a world without April and Easter or December and Christmas. We take these dates for granted, as if they are a truth, but yet the only place they exist is in our minds!

The bottom line is- Calendar and clock time are killing you, are bringing you to the 6th mass extinction event- of the human species.

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Written by Ingrid
Hi! I was born into a new american citizen family! I was in utero when my mom and dad became US Citizens. They both grew up in Germany, both my grandfathers were WWII Veterans on the German side of the conflict. First generation American, the youngest of 4 daughters, I was the first to go to college. I graduated from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center with my BS in Nursing, and went off to OIS for the US Navy Nurse Corps. A few years later I was in the Army Nurse Corps, and was in the Nurse Anesthesia program, I didn't finish my MSN.. now I'm in the Master's/PhD program in Integrative Medicine through Quantum University, and also working on my MBA in Sustainable Business through Maharishi International University. I live on my forest ranch in Oklahoma, everything is all natural chemical free, no hormones, no antibiotics.. and the CEO of OWL Warrior Hub!