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We are a spirited-tiggerish experiment in reestablishing-freshening the ancient model of spirt full nature based self governing, ayni culture.

We are doing this with OWL Universitas. Our wellness lab school of the whole.

We are establishing ourselves as active agents of the natural environmental changes that happen and stewardship of the tremendous biological wealth our ancestors gave us.

We believe that nature has an inherent ability to heal and renew herself, and this cannot happen in the absence of spirit full human interaction with nature.

We are not a for profit business, we are also not a non-profit business or a business of any sort. We are an experiment, loosely following a co-op model, we do not rely on external funding.

A co-op is an autonomous association of human beings united voluntarily to meet their common health, food, water, land, economic, energy, education, social and cultural needs.

We offer you the opportunity to participate by becoming a student/participator through our OWL Universitas, or we are currently accepting 23 “employment” applications.

We are an emerging self governing ayni culture operating from a stance of sufficiency and reciprocity. Our “bottom line” is service to: 1. our mother earth 2. each other and 3.lastly our individual selves; and to focus on living our full thriving life of destiny fulfillment.

We are opening the floodgates of abundant beauty, true freedom, true wholeness, ayni relationships with all of life, and prosperity for all.

We hold a vision for each person’s most vibrant full potential, encouraging you to bring forth what is with in you- your destiny fulfillment.

Our driving force is living a spirit filled sacred life anchored in the practical action of healing with our earth.

We are liberating ourselves from the white colonizer virus. We are decolonizing agriculture, money, and everything we can as we grow together as a community.