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The Great Conjunction

Astrology is pointing at December 21 being the one and only day of this conjunction, however.. It started on the 6th of December when they were 1 degree 40 minutes apart, and it has been steadily decreasing since! Today, on December 17, they are at 0 degrees 29 minutes, 26 seconds apart.

To navigate the sky better, Astronomers have created a latitude and longitude grid. This grid runs east to west, in hours, minutes and seconds, and then north-south in degrees, minutes and seconds.

On November 24, Saturn rose to minus 20 degrees, and on the 28th, he moved eastward to 20 hours, so he has been orbiting at 20 hours, minus 20 degrees since! In the constellation of Sagittarius. This will not happen again for 30 years!

On December 11, Jupiter moved eastward to 20 hours, and on the 12th, he rose to minus 20 degrees, also in the constellation of Sagittarius.

What is the significance of this?

the part of our DNA that science has labeled “junk”, is composed of switches. When the 20th switch is turned “off”, we are operating in the darkness/shadow of Superficiality. Superficiality could better be described as sitting just on the fringe of life, without really plunging in. To live in superficiality is also to live within the false illusions that our minds love to fabricate.

In a person of an introvert nature, this shadow is seen as the person seeming to just be absent/vacant from their life.

In a person of an extrovert nature, this shadow is seen as the person who is hectic, always on the move, keeping themselves so busy and self absorbed they never stop.

Since we entered the linear time frame of the year 2000, life itself has been turning on our 20th switch, calling us to come into our power of Divine presence, acting from our sacred space of Divine self assurance.

2020, is really triggering this light switch, and now we have the two gas giants in the sky joining the turning on of this light switch!

To allow this switch to stay on, simply meditate with this mantra “I am Divine presence”.

The other significance of this Great Conjunction is that this is the closest they have been in the sky since 1623.

What happened on OUR planet earth in 1623?

  1. the word insomnia was first put in the dictionary
  2. Myles Standish led a small band of settlers to assassinate Native American Warriors
  3. 2 more ships arrived to populate the Plymouth Colony
  4. The battle of Stadtlohn was fought between the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant church
  5. Governer Bradford of the Plymouth Colony declared a day of Thanksgiving.

So.. with the great conjunction, came the experience of insomnia, that is now being brought to an end. Also with this great conjunction, the establishment of Patriarchy on the shores of Turtle Island, a day of Thanks.. to those peoples indigenous to Turtle Island, who lived in harmony with our mother earth and all of life.. who shared with the white colonizer settlers on the verge of collapse because their white colonizer settler/patriarchal ways knew nothing of living in harmony with our mother earth. This white colonizer settler patriarchal virus later declared the way of life that had saved them as “savage” and to be exterminated.

This Saturn Jupiter Grand Conjunction folks.. is heralding the end to that! And we are being called with great intensity to come out of the darkness of superficiality, into the gift of our Divine presence!

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Written by Ingrid
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