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The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction of 2022

Jupiter chases Neptune around the comic racetrack, catching up with Neptune every 12 -13 years to form a conjunction. This conjunction is typically seen as an event, and it is an event that sparks a process, a process of releasing, or as Neptune is an ice giant, a process of “ice-ing” something in your life. The Jupiter part of the process is claiming something that is yours by heaven/divine right to claim. These are processes of your soul’s evolutionary journey in this 3D physical world.

The last Jupiter/Neptune conjunction happened in 2009-2010. What did your release/ice out of your life in the last 12 years, and what have you claimed?

What are you being called to release in the next 12 years, and what are you being called to claim for an evolutionary breakthrough?

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Written by Ingrid
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