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The Sun is in Ophiuchus

After 6 short days in the constellation of Scorpius, the Sun has orbited into the constellation of Ophiuchus today! This constellation was removed by the Babylonian astrologers, and to continue to follow astrology without this constellation is to keep yourself wrapped in the Babylonian and Roman age! Do we really want to keep repeating that over and over?

Ophiuchus is pronounced “oaf-ih-you-kus” and is known as the serpent bearer. It sits in the most colorful part of the sky and is northwest of the center of the milky way-our galactic center that the sun orbits.

Its home to a number of star clusters, and includes Keplar’s Supernova. In 2014 NASA’s stardust mission of 2014 collected star dust from Ophiuchus, and in 2017 scientists isolated Methyl iso-cyanate, a key building block of life, as well as glucoaldehyde- a sugar associated with the formation of RNA- so also a building block of life in the star dust collected in the constellation of Ophiuchus.

The constellation Sagittarius lies next to Ophiuchus at the Milky way, galactic center, the densest part of the sky. In fact Sagittarius points his arrow right at the galactic center, and it is out of this portal-that the aurora borealis flow. When the moon or Sun, crosses this point, it’s known as a point of transformation, squeezing one through the eye of the needle so to speak.

I’ve associated Ophiuchus with the DNA switch called Celestial Fire. The shadow of this switch is desire. Desire is what pushes us to evolve and grow, but the shadow comes from the clinging to desire, the repression of desire.

The psychic power/gift of this DNA switch that is triggered by Ophiuchus is the rapture of belonging. Where in the body might one experience dis-ease when this switch is being triggered? In the solar plexus and digestion.

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Written by Ingrid
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